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Go from this convenient
storage / transportation size to...

Light Weight     

5 times its storage size...
4' x 6' panel with optional tape
colors and signage
Crowd Control

An innovative portable barricade system, designed for convenient transportation, storage, durability and safety. Unique telescopic panels are 1/8th the weight of steel and collapse to 1/6th their size so they significantly reduce storage requirements, transportation costs and manpower costs. These barricades also have unique pins that lock the panels together to maintain a variety of geometric shapes. Manufactured from high impact engineering grade resins along with hydraulic "pressed" fittings and ultrasonically welded couplers, they provide superb durability. These barricades are maintenance free and come with a one year manufactures warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Our barriers have been designed for unlimited uses in many industries including the safety industry, crowd control, rental, expos and special events.

3 Rail    4 Rail, max. 9

4 Rail, max. 6    5 Rail

Available in 3 rail, 4 rail (max. 9" spacing between rails), 4 rail (max. 6" spacing between rails)
and 5 rail. Also available with the following color options: White/Yellow/Black, White/Red,
White/Reflective, and Special Colors (your choice).

Applications include: Parking Restrictions, Fire/Crime Scene, Construction Sites, Traffic Control, Hazard Warning, Crowd Management, Party Rentals, Catering, Warehouse

Safety Barrier

  • High Impact Resin

  • All weather UV Stabilized Crack and Freeze Resistant

  • Hydraulic Pressed Fittings

  • Ultrasonic Welded Couplers

  • Durable, Maintenance Free

  • Many Industry Applications, Safety, Crowd Control, Construction, Special Events

  • Custom Tape Colors, Including Reflectives

  • Clip on sign holders with standard signage or your company verbage, logos and colors.

  • Satisfaction guarantee and a 1 yr. manufacturer warranty.

  • Barricades ship regular ground UPS/FedEX and will be delivered to your door.
Hazardous Material     Public Safety

We are members of IAAM (International Association of Assembly Managers)
and IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks).


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///Barri-lite barricades
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