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Tri Will Burrow Retrofit Kit
Will Burrow

Tri-Wheelbarrow   +   Wheelbarrow   =   Retrofit Kit

**Wheelbarrow Not Included**

Give your old wheelbarrow some KICK!

  • Designed to modify any single wheel wheelbarrow into a Tri-Wheelbarrow

  • Kit comes pre-assembled for 10 minute installation.

  • Can be pushed with just one hand.

  • Eliminates lifting and tip over.

  • Back problems - Try Me!

  • Great for Farm, Ranch, Gardening, Construction, Professional

  • Satisfaction Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranty.

  • Kit includes: Brake - 2 Wheels - Undercarriage - Handle

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Tri-Wheelbarrow Kit
Kit includes; Brake, 2 Wheels, Undercarriage, Handle


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