Q: Are Carri-Lite Corrals durable and sturdy enough to contain my horse?

A: Carri-Lite Corrals are made of very durable high impact engineering grade resin; these resins are strong and very resilient. These panels have been put under many tests including freezing and extreme impacting with hammers onto concrete with no material failures, no bending, denting, or cracking. These corrals come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Q. Many of the aluminum panels and steel panels will become bent after a forceful impact, affecting their function and ability to store. How do the Carri-Lite Corrals react to a forceful impact?

A. Keeping in mind that all the panels we are talking about are portable panels, “high impact” engineering grade resin is just as it is described. Due to the fact that it is very resilient, it can take an impact and keep it’s shape.

Q: How do you transport corrals, many portable corrals require hangers to be mounted on outside of trailer or taking up a stall inside the trailer?

A: Carri-Lite Corrals were designed for “portability” and “take anywhere”. The collapsed corral can be put into bed of truck, back seat, tack area, just about anywhere a large suitcase would fit. Eliminating outside hangers/panels on trailer required to transport corral and prevent tying a horse to trailer where these hangers/corrals are mounted or taking up a stall inside trailer.

Q: Do Carri-Lite Corrals stand alone or do they require attachment to trailer?

A: Carri-Lite Corrals can do both. They come with (4) small (1 1/2″x 3″) brackets that attach corral to trailer. The connecting rods keep geometric shape of corral when using as a stand alone corral or attached to trailer.

Q. Do Carri-Lite Corrals need to be anchored to ground when using as a stand alone corral to prevent horse from dragging panels or lifting panels?

A: The approximate 15lb. weight of each panel and the friction between the open tubing and ground, make it very difficult for a horse to drag corral. Also, most people attach their water bucket where 2 panels connect for added stability.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for the corral?

A: The corral is maintenance free. Designed for years of service, the high impact resins will not crack, chip, or rust. Cleans up like new with soap and water.

Q: How safe is the plastic panels compared to the aluminum or steel panels?

A: In the event that a horse should spook, a plastic impact would cause less injury to the animal than aluminum or steel, yet be resilient. This round tubular design has no sharp corners, greatly reducing a contusion injury in severity.

Q: Can Carri-Lite Corrals be used for Miniature Horses, Alpacas, Goats and Sheep?

A: Yes, we custom drill legs height adjustments and also make a variety of panels…however, all panels can be used interchangeably as the legs can adjust panel height. In addition we manufacture Miniature and Alpaca panels. Our Miniature and Alpaca panels have closer horizontal rails to prevent these animals from putting their heads through the panels. Again, these panels too can be used interchangeably with horse containment as their height can go up to 54″ height.

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