Product Information & Instructions

  • Available in Horse, Miniature, Alpaca Panels.
  • Choice of three colors; White, Tan or Pink.
  • Horse panel expands to 5'3" length x 52" height.
  • Horse panel collapses to approximately 1/5th its size.
    (29" length x 37" height x 2" width, weighs apprx. 15 lbs.)
  • 8 panel "stand alone" unit size apprx. 12' round pen.
    (Unit comes with brackets to attach corral to trailer making area larger by trailer length.)
  • 12" Corral comes standard with velcro straps for bundling
  • Each Carri-Lite Corral contains: (8) panels, (8) connecting rods, (4) trailer brackets and (6) velcro straps for bundling
  • Convenient portability, small storage area required, can transport in bed of truck, tack area, back seat, etc..
  • Superior strength, Carri-Lite Corrals are made of high impact engineering grade HDPE resin for years of use.
  • All weather, will not crack, chip, peel or rust.
  • Durable Carri-Lite Corrals provide a safe area for your horse in 10 minutes.
  • Customized end post heights for smaller horses at purchaser's request (corral will accommodate miniature horses and ponies).


This is NOT PVC that will crack and chip, this is high impact engineering grade HDPE resin and UV stabilized.

We have sold thousands of units, our product comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 yr. manufacturer warranty. We stand behind our product and want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. Shipping is not refundable Read what some of our customers have to say about their Carri-Lite Corrals.

Panel Instruction


Expanding Panel:

1. Pull legs out and locate snap buttons to lock into position.


Black dot on leg lines up snap button


2. Pull out on one side of panel body until snap buttons lock into position.


3. Pull out on other side of panel body until snap buttons lock into position.

**Note panels have a high end side and a low end side for  connecting panels, connect a high end side to a low end side.

Collapsing Panel Information

To Collapse Panel:

Repeat steps in reverse order (3,2,1) for easiest handling.

Locate snap buttons on center twin tubes, depress buttons on twin tubes and push in on side of panel You will need to get the top slightly pushed in and then do lower snap button to collapse side of panel in completely


Trailer Brackets

Corral panels can be secured to trailer with 4 brackets
included in standard corral unit. Use two brackets per attachment end.

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