Portable Horses Polytape Electric Corral Powerfields


Creates a 50’ square corral area with 200’ of Powerfields 1” polytape on a lockable rewind reel. Includes Energizer.


Powerfields Portable Corral
Powerfields corral in a bag!  This creates a 50′ square area with 200′ of Powerfields 1″ polytape on a lockable rewind reel.  The webbing is secured on eight 2-piece treaded posts and powered by The Trail 2 D-Cell Fence Charger.  The kit also contains four corner tie-downs, adjustable insulators, a ground rod and installation instructions.  Comes in a rugged 24″ carry bag that is easy to pack.
Product Features:
Easy to transport
Make 50′ x 50′ corral
Item Specifications:
Kit Includes:
1- 200 ft roll of 1″ Powerfields Polytape
1- The Trail Energizer 2-D Cell Fence Charger
1- Lockable Rewind Reel
8- 2 piece treaded posts
4 – Tie downs
1- 24″ Carrying bag

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