ProWalk Superior Free Style 4 Horse Panel Walker


ProWalk USA manufactures this free style 4 horse Panel Walker.  Heavy Duty Construction and Proudly Made in USA.  Call us for a Quote 888-337-7787

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Available in 4 Horse 50 ft

The pricing includes the ProWalk’s patented base, unique controller with true variable speed control, both forward and reverse capabilities, featuring a 20-second ramp up when starting and stopping your walker, four arms, and four hanging dividers, all inner panels with one base access gate for maintenance, all of the exterior panels plus one loading gate.   ProWalk controller will plug into any standard 110 plug, non GFI, and then it is ready to go! Each of our horse walkers is handmade in our factory with a common sense design that assures years of trouble free service.

Four Horse Walker4Variable8’6″15 ftSingle$6,895
4-50 FS4VariableDivider Gates OnlyDivider Gates OnlySingle$12,995

Please note to add back freight to retail pricing — all pricing will be freight on board(F.O.B.) from Ada, Oklahoma. User will provide proper base for walker, preferably concrete, with proper bolts to secure base of walker. Electronic variable speed machines are pre-wired, with 55′ usable control cable from the controller to the machinge, 110V AC 20 AMP power required. Power cannot be GFI. Reverse is standard on all variable speed machines.

Pro Walk uses only new parts, your maintenance is minimal: only monthly lubrication is required.

  • Base is completely enclosed with metal covers which not only protects the machine, but provides easy access for servicing along with the extra added safety factor for both horse and trainer.
  • Controller has a 55′ cable that plugs into a connector in the walker base. Controller has a 6 foot power cord to plug into a 110V AC 20 amp outlet (cannot be GFI protected).
  • Variable Speed Controller has forward and reverse direction plus a integrated 20 second delayed start and stop. Infinite speed choices (0 to 6.8 mph).
  • Rugged extra heavy duty frame, head and arms.
  • Quick release cables are provided on each arm for safety.
  • Made in the USA
  • Family Owned and operated since 1983
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