The “Score” Fully Automatic Roping Chute w/ Neck Gate


Priefert brings a new revolution in training with the Score Chute. If you can score when you leave home, it will make getting a score a whole lot easier.

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The groundbreaking manual/automatic Score Chute combines the action of the world renowned Priefert Headgate with Prieferts state of the art, fully automatic roping chute, making it the ultimate training tool for ropers.  With just a push of a button, the interior neck gate locks allowing the operator to hold the steer inside the chute and repeatedly open the front gate to “score” his or her horse making this chute essential for keeping horses competition ready.  Every roper knows that having a trained horse is a key element for success, its critical for the horse to respond to the riders cue instead of the sounds of the chute or the steer.

The Score Chutes also has a Laser Eye that detects the presence or absence of an animal in the chute.  When a steer is released with one push of a button, the laser detects his absence. while ropers are roping, the headgate automatically closes then the tailgate automatically opens allowing the next steer to enter.  Once the steer is deteced in the chute the tailgate shuts and the chute is loaded and ready to go.

When the Laser Eye is turned OFF our standard “Delay” feature will work the headgate and to allow time to position horses and get ropes ready after the “open” button is pushed but before the front gate is released.  Once the delay timer on the back of the automatic box is set to run, it is activated by pressing the remote control.  Delays for releasing steers can be set from 3 to 30 seconds by adjusting the dial settings.

When the Laser Eye is ON our standard Delay feature operates the Neck Gate. In case of power loss, the Score Roping Chute will operate manually. Air Compressor required (Not Included); requires 110v outlet and 100 psi.  Draws 5 amps of electricity at peak. Recommend: 4 gallon storage and 1.5 hp air compressor to produce 3 cfm, dip painted.

Length: 86″, Width: 36″, Height: 68″, Weight: 620 lbs

Inside Width at bottom: 14″, Inside Width at top: 30″

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