Tri Will Burrow Retrofit Kit


Wheelbarrow conversion kit turns wheelbarrow into a cart you simply push NO MORE LIFTING simply push. Works on single or double wheeled wheelbarrows making them a 3 or 4 wheeled cart.

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Innovative kit turns your single wheel or double wheel wheelbarrow into a 3 or 4 wheel cart.  Eliminates lifting, back strain, tip overs.  Simply push a fully loaded wheelbarrow with just on hand!

  • Designed to modify any single or double front wheel wheelbarrow into a Tri-Wheelbarrow
  • Kit comes pre-assembled for 10 minute installation.
  • Can be pushed with just one hand.
  • Eliminates lifting and tip over.
  • Back problems – Try Me!
  • Great for Farm, Ranch, Gardening, Construction, Professional
  • Satisfaction Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Kit includes: Brake – 2 Wheels – Undercarriage – Handle
  • Works on all wooden handled wheel barrows
  • will work on single or two front wheel wheel barrows with wooden handles

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